A smart building dedicated to research
and innovation

Quanta, Jaguar Network in Marseille


Composed of 2 buildings of 4 levels, Quanta was built in less than 2 years.

Inauguration : Community Jaguar Network

All spaces are modular: The restaurant can be transformed into a Coworking space. The organization of the day is done through a custom-made application.

The project is aiming for a triple label of BREEAM VERY GOOD, HQE excellent and BDM GOLD. The building is BEPOS.

Our services


CUST'Home designed and built the digital infrastructure for this 3.0 site
- Lighting management
- HVAC control
- Technical Alarms
- Energy metering

Nominations for this smart building

Winner of the #SmartGridReady Challenge, the JAGUAR NETWORK Quanta building received the SGR2 Or via CUST’HOME, during the INNOVATIVE CITY exhibition.

Only French project finalist of the KNX Awards 2020, the project Quanta : Smarter Building – Jaguar Network Headquarters” by CUST’HOME has been nominated in the “Energy Efficiency” category.

Centralized electricity

Global management of the electrical installation by KNX: Lighting, modular offices

Technical alarms, Synthesis of panel circuit breaker faults


Global management of the HVAC installation by KNX

Metering required to monitor energy performance indicators

Water & wellness

Recovery of counts


Other achievements