Construction of High School, Gymnasium, & Housing by the SUD PACA region

Lycée d'Allauch, AREA SOUTH PACA

8.335m2, 820 students

Le nouveau lycée d’Allauch est composé de 5 bâtiments et accueille ses premiers élèves à la rentrée scolaire 2019.

Main equipments :

The project aims at a certification approach BDM : silver level.

Our services


Electricity meters uploaded to the BMS
Global management of the HVAC installation by KNX
WEB servers for the BMS of the 4 buildings

Our services in detail

CUST’Home realized the global management of the HVAC installations, the energy meters and the supervision views.

Some numbers:

  • 13 TD / Boxes
  • 12 CTA
  • 69 Digital controls

KNX, Modbus RS485 protocols

The establishment is equipped with a centralized technical management set up by CUST’Home.

The purpose of this supervision is to visualize the control system of the boiler room, the air handling units, the production of DHW, the lighting, but also all the counters and defects.

All the control equipment communicates with the supervision system using the KNX protocol.

For each building, it is possible to define a heating control mode that affects the set temperature: comfort, precomfort, eco/reduced, frost protection. From the WEB server of each building, the user authenticates himself in order to access the school map.

Once the building is selected, the user is directed to a technical overview of the building that contains the control data, metering, lighting, time slots, alarms and technical faults, photovoltaic production and solar production.

Centralized electricity

Electric meter feedback on GTB

Energy management

Global management of the HVAC installation by KNX

Water & wellness



Web servers for the BMS of the 4 buildings

Other achievements