A "high tech" building with the appearance of a ship,
anchored on the Louis II dock

Yacht Club of Monaco

11.000 m2
Interior spaces: 5. 000m2
Terraces : 4.000m2
Length of the building: 204m
Height of the building : 22m

Inaugurated in 2014, this building located on the Quai Louis II looks like a magnificent 5-story cruise ship with a huge terrace on the top level, where the Yacht Club de Monaco, founded in 1953, and the Nautical Society dedicated to rowing.

ISO 14001 in June 2016

Our services


CUST'Home has realized the management of lighting TOR and variation DALI or 1-10V, the control of openings and regulation in KNX.
CUST'Home also designed the architecture of KNX and DALI buses.

Our services in detail

The architecture of the building and its functionalities allowed an electrical topology that the KNX bus followed: 6 upper levels, 2 lower levels, 2 wings and a center (Atrium). Only the parking areas and the shops were not instrumented in KNX.

Touch screens

Each zone has touch screens to control the lighting and motorizations. Detection radars in the corridors operate simultaneously for lighting convenience.

The lighting

The lighting of the building is mainly realized in DALI. The zones are controlled by presence detectors and in constant luminosity. Some wall lights are TOR controlled while the lighting of the upper level beams is dimmed 1-10V.

The motorizations

The motorizations are of 3 types: curtains; interior blinds; exterior blinds. The external blinds are protected by a wind alarm delivered by the weather station.

Heating and air conditioning

The building’s heating and air conditioning communicate in Lon. In some zones, the fan coils can be controlled by KNX via a Lon/KNX gateway.

A training was carried out by our team for the handling of the building and its maintenance.

Centralized electricity

Lighting management by presence detectors and constant luminosity in DALI and motorization management

Energy management

Heating/air conditioning management in Lon/KNX

Home automation control

Touch screens for the management of the whole

Other achievements